Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday -- Day 2

Okay... I'm having trouble with blogspot. I have no idea what it's doing, but it won't let me do captions right now....

These pictures ended up all mixed up -- sorry! The one on bottom is of me with my friend Janis from Amarillo. We both walked last year as well. Janis walks in memory of her mom. The one of the guy in the pink bra is of the guy that won the Karaoke contest. Really, it wasn't much of a contest. All the girls were swooning before he started taking his shirt off. After the sight of that pink bra, the other contestants didn't even stand a chance.

Check out the "Biggs Family" sign. We didn't know those people at all -- apparently there was another Biggs family on the walk. But I sure enjoyed taking a picture with their sign!!!

Saturday was a LONG day. Day 2 is always the hardest. We walked through Addison up around Carrollton and back. But we did it. My foot held up for the entire trip. And when I was done, I knew I could do Day 3.

M'Lys had flown in Friday night, and she and A'Lise joined our team as our "Walker Stalkers" on Saturday. They came complete with Donuts and caffeine -- just what we needed, when we needed it!!! A'Lise's car is in one of the pictures above.

As we walked on Day 2, we passed a couple of walkers who were walking alone and seemed to be having a rough time of it. I'd ask them if they were walking alone, and if they were, I'd hand them one of the foam tiaras with my Mom's picture. I'd ask them if she could walk with them. And then I'd walk away fast before I just lost it. Suzi lost it, too.

The highlight of Day 2 was auditioning for a role in the 3-Day commercials. Suzi went with me and we made the casting director cry -- think that will help?? If we get chosen, it's really cool -- they'll fly us to L.A. this weekend. Of course, bajillions of people tried out, and they probably all made her cry. But it was still cool. The photographer took us out on the lawn and shot a bunch of still shots for publicity stuff. So you may be seeing us somewhere!

After all that, I got to the showers really late, and there wasn't a huge supply of hot water left.

Then, I went to the Memory Tent. It was beautiful. I signed the tent for Mom and then wrote in the memorial journal. That was really hard. I'm so glad God put it on Suzi's heart to be with me every step of the way. She was with me every step of the 60 miles, and she was there for me when I came out of that tent. And I needed that.

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TexPatriate said...

I'm so proud of you for being tough enough to walk for your mom this year -- because that's Borden County tough !