Sunday, October 28, 2007

Day 3 -- Sunday

Here are the pictures from Day 3. Day 3 was really hard for me (see post above about the bracelet.) But it was a great day nonetheless. Read on....

These kids were so cute. Their T-shirts read, "Our Mommies walk because we can't hug our Grandma." I cried.

The signs people make are one of my favorite things about the 3-Day....

I have to say, it took me two trips by this sign to get what it meant. I never knew there was a name for "that."

One really neat thing that happened on Sunday... We passed one of the women that I'd given a tiara to on Saturday. I asked her how she and my Mom were doing. Her reply went something like this: Oh, I have to give you a hug! You've made me cry three times! Every time someone would ask me if I was doing okay, I'd say Yes. Sue's walking with me.
I cried. And I vowed to take at least 100 of those tiaras on the walk with me next year.

And the absolute best part of the day -- Biggs and the girls showed up to surprise me. Yep, that's right. One husband, 12 fellow walkers, two kids, two dear friends and I don't know who all else were able to keep a secret. It was just what I needed -- just when I needed it!

Check out the cap I wore on Day 3. There was a ribbon on it for each of my sponsors and for each of the people they asked me to walk for. That's what it looks like when you raise over $11,000 for breast cancer research and education!

This would be Suzi and Maxine.... While Maxine was Suzi's favorite, I have to say she stopped to love on just about every dog we passed. Next year I'm bringing her a bag of doggie treats to share!
We got to "grafitti" the Care Flight ambulance in thanks to the medical crew that worked so hard to keep everyone walking!
Here Suzi & I pose with Jenne Fromm, the 2007 3-Day Spokeswoman.

At White Rock Lake
Team Tiara at the Finish!!

Walking into Closing Ceremonies...

This walker's shirt said, "I miss my Mom today." I did, too!

At the end of the day, what really matters: Team Tiara raised over $35,000 and finished #15 in the rankings. BUT.... The DFW 3-Day raised $6.5 million!!! So many of you were a part of that! Thank you so very much for all your support!!!


Linda West said...

Wanted you to know that I wore my "Team Tiara" shirt and thought of you all three days. Congrats for making it all the way.

A'Lise said...

I just wanted to expand on D'Lyn's surprise description. While we were waiting on D'Lyn, John and the girls go play a ways away on the playground. D'Lyn walks up and is taking off the heavy stuff she no longer needs. By this time Abbie is there and she says "Mommy" and D'Lyn is just chatting away at me. So Abbie says "Mommy" a little more loudly and sternly. And D'Lyn yells "Abbie" and starts hugging her while crying and then Katie gets there and she starts hugging her. And then she pulls back looks Abbie in the eyes and says in a tone that conveys I love you, how did you get here, where's your father, you didn't come alone did you? all in the simple words "Where's your daddy?". As Abbie points, D'Lyn goes flying down the hill to show John how much it meant to her that he and the girls came. PS. Made EVERYONE standing there cry.