Monday, October 8, 2007

Cool 3-Day Trivia

Check this out!!! As of right now, Team Tiara has officially raised $27037.35 for Breast Cancer research, education and awareness campaigns. That make us #16 out of the 613 teams that are registered for the Dallas 3-Day and puts us in the top 2.6%. Cool, huh?

But the really cool thing? Last year the Dallas 3-Day raised $6.1 million. This year, with about 2 1/2 weeks left to go, just the teams have already raised $5,535,711. That doesn't include any checks that haven't cleared the system yet. And it doesn't include what's been raised by individual walkers who aren't on a team. I can't wait to hear the grand total!!!

I did 15.5 miles on Saturday and 6.6 yesterday. I needed to do 12 yesterday, but it was drizzling on me the entire time I was walking. Between that, and the fact that my heel was really starting to hurt, I kind of wimped out. This week I'm going to do "alternative" training all week -- swimming, weights, maybe some bike riding. I need to do 18 and 16 next weekend. YIKES!

Ya'll have a great week!
- d.

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