Sunday, September 16, 2007


This has been one of those weekends that we're glad will be over soon -- so we can rest up. YIKES. Have we ever been busy.

Kaitlyn's 5th birthday is tomorrow -- we had her party Friday night. We had about 15 girls and Kodie over here for the party. We cut out chocolate chip cookies and decorated them. Each of the girls went home with a decorated apron and cookie cutters. Kaitlyn was so cute opening her presents -- every gift was something she had "always wanted." It was fun to watch. Here are a couple of pictures of the girls. Note the Birthday Princess hat that we've been using FOREVER.

And check out our "toothless wonder" -- Abbie. She's lost six teeth so far. I hear the tooth fairy may need to file for Chapter 11!

Both the girls had soccer games yesterday. Because the girls are playing at different locations, Biggs and I are having to utilize the divide & conquer approach. So here are a couple of picture of Kait on the soccer field. I'll post a couple of Abbie when I can.

After the games yesterday we went to the Rice / Tech game. Rice got whipped. But it was fun. And it's kind of neat getting to do some of the Lettermen stuff with Biggs -- free lunch, parking space with our name on it, taking the girls on the field for the victory line before the game, cookies in the "R" room at halftime.... And it's always fun to see old friends there. The Tech fans were out in full force -- I think they have the best tailgate parties around. They were rather subdued yesterday. I think it may have been because they don't see Rice as a threat. I don't know. But they were nowhere near as crazy as when they play A&M.

Today we checked out yet another new church -- we're getting good at visiting. We know the drill: Get there early. Check in the kids. Check out the donut selection. Get the welcome bag.... You get the drift. The church we went to today is one I drive by four times a day on the way to Kait's school. It's Cypress Bible Church. They use the same curriculum for the kids that The Branch uses -- so it was kind of like visiting an old friend. Their program isn't called Big Time, and the characters have different names. But the themes, music, etc are the same. What a huge gift to spend time there today.

I'm not sure if it's the church for us or not. They seem to have an older average age than most of the churches we've been to. They've got a full-fledge choir (minus the robes) and this really hip granny that's about 80-something singing in it.

This afternoon we had Biggs' company picnic. That was fun -- but hot. The girls got to ride ponies -- but I'm afraid they thought it was a bit lame. The ponies were on leads and were walked around a pen. They made a parent walk alongside (Abbie made it very clear she didn't need us there.) The girls also got to ride in a canoe with Biggs.

I've been sitting here typing this with my foot in ice water. YIKES. I'm a wimp. I walked about 6 miles tonight -- the longest I've done since going to the doctor. My foot is getting better, but slowly. I find it really hard not to push myself too much -- but with the 3-Day coming up in just six weeks, I don't really feel I have much choice other than to push myself.

Our big news for this week: On Thursday Biggs and I will celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary! Can ya'll believe it's been 10 years??? He's whisking me off to Vail to celebrate. I can't wait! Just going somewhere cooler sounds incredible. Of course, it's cooled off a lot here the last few days. It's not exactly crisp when I take the girls to the bus stop in the mornings, but it isn't too bad.

So that's the news for this week. Among our prayer requests this week: Prayers of praise that my cousin Major Gary Lloyd is on his way home from Iraq. Praise that the lump my friend Suzi had removed from her breast was benign. Praise for my dear friend Nancy who was baptized this morning in San Antonio. AND we sold our house in McKinney on Friday!!!! Yea God!!!

Ya'll have a wonderful week!

Love ya,


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