Thursday, September 6, 2007

Life in the Sloooooow Lane....

That's me. I saw a real, live podiatrist today. AND I got a REALLY big shot in my right heal. The doctor said to take it easy for three days, and then for the next four days I'll be allotted a whopping 1-mile training walk each day. I go back in a week for a follow-up -- but in the meantime, I get to sleep in one of those really cool boots that keeps your foot at a 90 degree angle. Oh yeah. Stylin'.

It reminds me of the time one of our show steers (I think it was Champ) drug me down and messed up my arm / shoulder. I had to wear a sling for a week or so, so Mom decorated it with a rhinstone heart -- courtesy of the Ronco rhinestone setter she had for our twirling outfits. (Yes, I was a twirler!)

I've really been missing her this week -- it's not that I don't miss her every day, but this week has been tough. I had wanted her to help me make doll clothes for the girls this Christmas. I'm not about to spend $100 on an American Girl Doll that I'm not even sure they'll play with. But the look-alikes at Target aren't that bad. And I've started making clothes for them. At first I thought they'd be from THE MAN. But after I've gotten into it, I'm realizing I really want the credit and Mommy-love that's going to come from this. So I'm thinking THE MAN is going to have to come up with his own gift.

Anyway, Mom and I had this great system that worked for us for years. With the exception of 4-H projects where I had to do all the work (and believe me, it had to be perfect!), we found out the assembly line worked really well for us. I'd cut out, she'd sew, and then I'd do the handwork. So Tuesday night as I stayed up cutting out little nightgowns and Christmas-print PJ's, I kept wishing she was here to hand them off to. It's just not as fun as I had originally imagined.

Our trip to Fluvanna this weekend, however, was a lot of fun -- I wasn't sure how it was going to turn out. M'Lys, A'Lise and I did a lot of sorting and cleaning. We started by putting pretty much everything from my bedroom closet and those closets at the end of the hall into the middle of the bed in my old bedroom. It only took us all day Saturday to get it cleaned off. Definitely a trip down memory lane. I found all these old diaries that I'd kept through high school. Kate Po., Kate Ph.... If ya'll are out there I seriously have no idea how we all got through high school without someone pushing me off Gail Mountain. Geez Louise.... Drama, drama, drama.....

(BTW, Kate Ph -- I just bought a pair of pants at Academy. Made by Nike. Biggs calls them my Parachute Pants. You should check them out -- finally a chance to get a pair! They're not Nylon stuff, but they've got lots of pockets....)

Saturday morning was just like Christmas. About the time we'd gotten up and finished breakfast and gotten started cleaning, the hunters started coming in. Some of my favorite people on Earth -- it was hard to not start boo-hooing right there. Randy and Braden, along with Randy's 91-year-old Dad, Truman. (How many 91-year-old men can say they got their limit on Opening Day?) Kirby & Colt. (Lynn came down that evening to eat dinner with us at The Shack.) Wes. Anthony. Alan and Kodie. Pete. Jimmy. Holly. Randy brought me a framed picture he'd shot from the Gin House at Sunrise. It's gorgeous.

Abbie has been begging to hunt with Biggs. We've always said she wasn't old enough. But Saturday evening when Terry showed up with Brantley and Abby Marie, we knew it was hopeless. There was no keeping her at the house. So we fished out her brown Ogle T-shirt and crammed her flaming red hair up under a camouflage cap and sent her out in Kirby's rig. She had a blast! When she came back covered in dove guts, she declared that cleaning the birds was her favorite part! I'm sure!

Sunday morning the girls and I drove to Lubbock to hear surprise the McCalls and hear Brent preach. If you're ever in the Lubbock area, I highly recommend you pay them a visit. The worship service was incredible, and Brent was spot-on with his sermon. They're at Raintree Christian on 82nd, between Indiana and Quaker. I promise you'll be glad you went. Paige always gives the best hugs.... And my kids think she rocks. It's awesome having friends that love you like that!

Guess that's all the news that's fit to print. Sorry it's so long, but I haven't had much of a chance to write this week. As I close, I do have a few prayer requests....

Laquita Daniel is at MD Anderson this week -- she's facing breast cancer for the second time with an inoperable tumor behind her breast bone -- and chemo isn't working.

My friend Suzi (my age!) found a lump this week and is seeing a surgeon / oncologist next week.

My Uncle Ray had his right leg amputated about mid-way down his shin last week, after years and years of pain and several staph infections. You know, when we saw him on Sunday... I'd swear he looked 15 years younger!

We have a contract on our house in McKinney, but they're supposed to get funding by midnight tonight or they may drop it. This is our second set of buyers -- please pray they get funding. It would be so good to get this off our backs.

The Branch (where we went to church in Dallas) is launching their North Site this weekend. I've heard they have people coming out of the woodwork to be a part of it. Please pray God's protection on the leadership of The Branch, particularly Chris as he drives back and forth to preach at both locations.

Hope you're having a great weekend -- if you're ready to sign up for the 2008 3-Day, you can do so at! (I'm not stopping till we find a CURE!)



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