Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tropical Storm Erin

Tropical Erin has come and gone (I think she's gone!) We've had rain off and on since this morning early -- sometimes heavy. But that's about it. We did lose power from about 6-7 this morning.

We're keeping an eye on Hurricane Dean. If it gets into the Gulf, it'll be a completely different story from Erin. We think things may get a bit nutty around here if that happens, so we've already filled the gas tanks in both cars. We wouldn't be joining the mass exodus like they did with Rita, but we know there isn't enough gas in Houston for everyone to fill up at the same time.

Oh, Kait had her first soccer practice last night. Her coach is REALLY into it -- ran the girls ragged. She's already decided another little girl, Brodie, is her New Best Friend!

Take care!
- d.

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