Monday, August 6, 2007


Got your attention, didn't I?? We've had a big weekend around here. The girls rediscovered the video of their friend Josh's birthday party. Josh's ultra-cool mom had a snake handler come and do a whole presentation about snakes. Abs and Kait have watched it over and over and over.

That's not really all we've done. Biggs went to the creek with his dad and Mark Bennett (an old high school buddy.) They went off-shore and caught a bunch of fish, so I guess we know what's for dinner pretty soon.

Saturday, the girls and I went to Mimi's for a swim. Then, Lisa Harrelson (another one of Biggs' high school buddies) came up and walked with me. Lisa and I will be doing the 3-Day again this year -- and I have to say that if it was this weekend we'd be doomed. "Life" kind of highjacked both our training schedules for the last month. We did the scheduled 11 miles on Saturday, but it took us forever. We were both way off pace.

Yesterday, we went back over to The Woodlands to see a production of Annie with Mimi. Here's a cute picture of Abbie with Sandy. In typical Abbie fashion, we were getting out of the car in the parking lot and talking about the girl playing Annie, when Abs said, " You know, if she's sick and can't do it, I can do it for her." And she probably could have!

Here's a picture from the rodeo that I just found on my computer. I think we're going to have to make a copy of this one for Uncle Max.

We had a couple of little friends over to play today. The girls' friend Erin often plays the "I'm the guest, so we should play what I want card." I heard Kaitlyn say, "Erin, you are no longer a guest. You been here, like, five times now. After you've been here three or four times, you are no longer a guest." I was laughing so hard I couldn't hear what Erin said in return. I guess she's part of the family now!

Hope ya'll all had a great weekend!

Love ya,


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