Friday, August 24, 2007

God Story #98667895

Okay, ya'll have to hear this. Ever since we found out we were moving back to Houston, we've seen God's hand in our move -- orchestrating everything. But with what we've gone through with the loss of my Mom, and not finding a church yet, and not knowing a lot of people.... It's been difficult.

But this morning God sent me a very strong message to say, "Hey, I'm still in conductor mode." When we first found out we were moving, I called my friend Elizabeth first thing -- how was I going to manage all this? She steered me to The Met where Kaitlyn was eventually registered for Lamb School -- their preschool. And she made sure I registered for MOPS so I'd meet some people. About a week ago, E told me they'd asked her to be a discussion group leader -- but she wasn't going to request that I be in her group -- she didn't want to "hold me back." I wasn't worried -- I've had so much on my plate lately which discussion group I got in wasn't at the top of my list.

Separately, I reconnected with Lacey used-to-be-Grisham. We were freshmen together in the AFC at A&M. We went on SOAR together, weeklongs, that kind of thing. Lacey and her daughter joined us last Friday for our HS Musical 2 "Watch Party." It was great to see her -- and during the evening I found out they go to the Met -- but she didn't know Ben & Elizabeth.

So.... Last night, E went to her discussion group leader meeting to find out what she'd be doing and get the names of the women in her discussion group. A woman came up to her and said she needed to visit with her about one of the women in her group. She told Elizabeth that this woman had just lost her Mom and would need some extra TLC. Elizabeth asked her who it was -- and it was me. The woman that was watching out for me was Lacey!

You know, I don't know if very many people even read this blog anymore -- but if you're reading it and you don't believe that God will work in the teeniest details of your life, I assure you He does. This isn't a coincidence -- this is GOD. Only the Great Orchestrator could make all the pieces fall into place that have brought me to this point.

When we first met Ben & E, Ben worked with Biggs at MCFA here in Houston. They had both been raised in the Catholic Church. Biggs and Ben discussed "deep Bible stuff" on many an occasion over the years, and last year Ben & Elizabeth were baptized and joined the Met. And then to have Lacey come into the picture -- I haven't seen her since we were at A&M. It's just an amazing God thing. It's been so fun to watch Ben & Elizabeth grow in their faith the last few years, and I'm so jazzed about having a ringside seat to watch E grow as a leader. She's going to be a fantastic discussion group leader, and I'm so blessed to be in that group!!!

In other news -- the "gellin'" seems to be working -- I wasn't limping when I got up this morning. We're headed to the Creek this afternoon -- cannot wait to get down there. Oh!!! And Mamma Mia is coming to Houston!!!!!! Break out the Go-Go boots!!!

Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend!!!
Love ya,


beki said...

Yes, we in West texas are still reading your blogs and praying for you too. Your Mom was a very special lady to me and Miss her so. SO keep those blogs coming, they inspire me!! Heal up October will be here soon!
beki denison
colorado city

Pam Casch said...

Definitely reading your blog D'Lyn. It's so nice to be able to peek in at your life and hear about your girls! Keep blogging!

Anonymous said...

I do check you out to see what is going on with you and yours. When I get to missing your mom so very much, I am comforted by your allowing us a peek into your life.
I love you.