Thursday, August 23, 2007

Four Days till School Starts!!!!!

Yippeee!!! I don't think there's ever been a Mom on the planet as anxious as I am for school to start. No way. We had Snow Cone Social Tuesday night -- met Abbie's teachers. Here they have a homeroom teacher and a "switch" teacher. Her homeroom teacher is Mrs. Michaelis, and her switch teacher is Mrs. Garcia. Kait has meet the teacher night tonight at Lamb School (she's going 5 days this year!) and Abs has the "official" meet the teacher tomorrow morning.

I have to brag on Abbie a minute -- at the first of the summer, I had to bribe her to read. Fifty cents for ever chapter book she finished. For Abbie, 50 cents for the Horse Fund was well worth it. Now, I can't get her to stop reading. She reads at night till she falls asleep. She's really into Junie B. Jones. I think she's my kid, after all!!!

This has been a crazy week. I've been determined to FINALLY get this house together!! Our chair for the living room came on Monday -- still missing the couch & ottoman. The dining room table and china cabinet arrived yesterday. No chairs until mid-September, but I'm patient. I spent all afternoon / evening playing with my new toy -- the china cabinet. I've wanted one FOREVER. It's gorgeous -- I'll try to get a picture on here soon. If you touch the hinge on the far right door, the lights come on -- too cool.

The 3-Day -- I've been having trouble with the heel on my right foot. I thought I'd bruised it, but now I'm not so sure. I'm going to try to get an appt. for Monday morning, so I can get it looked at for sure. It's been a month, so maybe it's time??? If it's something that needs to be fixed, I need to get it fixed soon. If anyone has any advice, I welcome it. On my friend Suzi's advice, I got some Dr. Scholl's gel soles today. Yes, I'm gellin'. And they seem to be helping. The true test is whether I'm limping by the end of the day. We'll see.

It's probably just that I haven't stayed off it enough to let it heal. This weekend we're headed to the Creek, so maybe I can chill out while down there. Of course, the Depners are hopefully meeting us there, and our friend Bart is in town from Cameroon (Africa) and going with us. So it doesn't look like we'll be chillin' much.

Our 3-Day team has raised over $12,500!!!!!! Isn't that cool???? Just think of how many Mammograms that will pay for!!! I'm just so jazzed about how supportive everyone has been.

Guess that's it for now. Gotta go clean the kitchen!!!! YIKES!
- d.

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