Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What a Ride!

Okay. I'm going to eventually move my blog over to Yuwie.com. It's got more capabilities and is just plain cool. For a short time, I'll post dual blogs -- the same journal on each. But I have a lot more pictures over there on Yuwie. And hey -- I'm all about supporting my friends, right???

You can check out that blog at www.yuwie.com/3daymom.

You do not have to sign up to view my blog and get updates on life in the Biggs household. But it is free to sign up if you choose.

In the meantime, last night the girls and I went for a bike ride. They rode. I walked -- I needed to get in three miles on my 3-Day training schedule. Anway, we got in 2.77 -- would have been more but we had to come home early when Kait (in la-la land as always), veered off the path, down a hill and right straight into a retention pond. Completely soaked. She stunk. So we headed home after fishing her and her bike out of the water.

Mom had her first radiation treatment today. Milton said she did okay, but she's still very weak. I'm anxious to get up there in a couple of weeks and see for myself how things are.

Today I'm painting the living room. I'll let ya'll know how it turns out!
- d.

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