Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wednesday Update (I think this is Wednesday!)

Hi all,
We're still plugging away at the ICU thing. If you hear about a bar-room brawl type thing in the Lubbock ICU waiting room, don't worry. Things did get a bit tense in there a couple of nights ago, but I figured I could run faster than the other gal. So we're all good.

Mom is still hanging in there. Night before last, I asked our nurse what the best-case scenario is. She said that Mom would hang on like this for months. That doesn't sound "best" to me -- I'm just not ready to accept that.

She's still "in there." Last night, when Carla and I told her good-night, she said, "I love you." Carl and I barely made it to the door before we lost it all-together. This is just so hard -- I don't know how we can do this for months. Not the exhaustion thing -- I can handle that. It's the having your heart ripped out every time you walk in there that I'm handling too well.

M'Lys came back in today. I haven't seen her, but she's here somewhere. I'm at Brent & Paige's church right now -- bumming their computer. The girls and I are supposed to meet up with Granny Nelva sometime today, so they can go home with her. Uncle Max had better watch out -- Abbie's already making plans for Simon. She's pretty sure Simon is her horse -- and just on loan to Max when she's not there.

They're still trying to find out where all Mom's blood is going -- there's some talk of doing a scope. Her nutritionist says his mix of carbs & proteins seems to be working well. And the results from yesterday's CAT scans still aren't in.

That's the scoop for now -- wish I had more.

Love you all,


Gina said...

Hello, you and I have never met. I am one of Milton's "many" nieces. My sister and I have been reading everyday to keep up with Sue's progress. Today we read your blog and wanted you to know that we have been in your shoes and understand what you are going through. When you spoke of the "ripping out of your heart" been there done that! It is not an easy road to walk but with faithfulness and prayer the strength will come. The hardest thing was becoming emmey award winning actresses and putting on a smile and having a good attitude when we walked through those hospital doors. Just remember...
The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; My God is my rock in whom I take refuge. He is my sheild and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Psalms 18:2
In Christ
Gina Moore and Virginia Welsh

Anonymous said...

I couldn't say it any better than Gina Moore and Virginia Welsh did. As you know, I spent 4 1/2 years traveling to S.A. to spend time with my mom in the nursing home. Each time, as I entered the elevator, I asked God to help me get through those next hours because I couldn't do it by myself. Sometimes, when I would leave, I would rant and rave to God about the unfairness of it. There's just no easy way through this -- you have to rely on God's help and the shoulders of all your pals.

Love to you,
Nancy P.

Sherri said...

D'Lyn and family, Wow! You all are going through the mill right now. So sorry that the hard things in life have to come along. Wish we could all just go straight to heaven and ditch the hard stuff! I've been keeping up with your daily news and am amazed that you have time to put things down for all of us to read every day. Just know that even though I don't know you personally, you're family and that alone makes my heart cry for you and yours. God is walking with your mom through this. Just from reading your blogs, I know your faith is in Him alone. May he bless you with much love and a short path of suffering. Your 3rd cousin in Colorado, Sherri