Thursday, July 5, 2007

The War Zone

Well, folks, Fairfield turned into a war zone last night. Without an organized neighborhood fireworks display this year, the dads took matters into their own hands and more than made up for it. I have never seen a fireworks display like the one we had last night. All around us, the entire subdivision was shooting off fireworks -- and we're not just talking about bottle rockets, either. It was awesome!!! Abbie was right in the thick of things setting off smoke bombs right and left. The show continued on some level until midnight.

In a war zone on a different level, Mom is extremely weak this morning. They can't seem to get her leveled out -- her protein and sugar are both really low. She says she can barely lift her arms, and that Milton has to help her sit up, move around, etc.

Please pray for them. For strength for both of them. I'm as worried about Milton as I am about Mother.

They're going to do her first radiation treatment today at 1:30. And they are going to go ahead and biopsy the pancreas in Lubbock. So they won't be coming down here in two weeks after all. This is a good thing. A trip to Houston in two weeks would just be interrupting her radiation treatments.

It sounds like that group at Covenant has decided to kind of embrace her situation and take action on it. That's a good thing. Until now, all the doctors have all seemed to be pretty hesitant to take action.

That's the update for this morning. I'll let ya'll know how things go today.

Happy 5th of July!
- d.

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