Friday, July 6, 2007


Mom sounds better today. Her voice still isn't normal, but seems to have more strength behind it than it did yesterday. They'll wait to start radiation until Monday or so, which gives her a couple more days to get her strength up first. In the meantime, though, she isn't eating much. Food doesn't taste good to her.

Our niece Raylee is having her tonsils out today in Midland, so we're praying that goes well. She's pretty keen on the idea of eating lots of ice cream -- maybe she should send some Mom's way.

I'm painting the dining room today. Chocolate on bottom and a color that looks a lot like Mom's milk-chocolate fudge on top. There's a chair rail dividing the two. We'll see how it looks....

Ya'll have a great Friday.
- d.

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Lynn said...

Hey Precious Biggs Fam,

Loved the pics of the girls. They are the cutest!! I am finally feeling human again, but I'm having a hard time getting rid of the pneumonia. I have been praying continuously for your mom, ya'll and the sale of your Plano home. it will happen!
I'm still enjoying those gerber daisies!
Love ya'll,