Saturday, July 21, 2007


Hi all,
I apologize for going a couple of days between postings sometimes -- it just doesn't always work out to post every day.

Let's see.... The rodeo was great. Abbie and Max rode in the Grand Entry. She lost her stirrups at some point, but did great. Abbie, being the capitalist she is, was trying to figure out all the ways she could be involved in the rodeo -- and make money at it. She did the calf scramble and LOVED it. She wanted to know if there was a money prize for the best decorated horse in the Grand Entry. It was a hoot. She follows Uncle Max around like a puppy dog -- all nervous if she can't find him. She's very intent on keeping up with him.

Kaitlyn wasn't into the rodeo as much, but she'd already had her performance earlier in the day. When I drove up to Nelva's, Kait was in the front yard running through the sprinkler. Not a stitch of clothes on her. Something she'd never get to do in Houston, that's for sure. She was loving it!!!

After a couple of days of Grand Entry-riding and bread-baking at "The Other Granny's," they're headed to Aunt Donelle's today. She's been making plans for them -- they'd better watch out.

Mom is at dialysis this morning. If she can tolerate it, she needs 4 hours. But she's never gotten past about two. Treva and Mike are coming by today about noon with Redell. It'll be good to see them. Their son, Jordan, is one of our cousins in Iraq that we've been praying for. Mom and Treva have always had a special relationship -- I'm hoping she wakes up for them.

I tease her about giving me the silent treatment.

We had to take her rings off yesterday. That was hard. But her hands were getting so swollen. I'm going to try to find Milton a chain, so he can wear her wedding ring.

They did a scope Thursday night that just showed one ulcer that had a clot on it. Nothing that would cause this blood loss that she has had. They had to give her two units again last night. After they did the scope, they took out the tube that was in her nose because it appeared to be irritating her stomach -- when they did that, she threw up twice. Cleaning her up caused cold chills, and the anti-nausea medication caused her to be even more out of it. It's like the domino effect around here. One thing triggers 10 more.

We're basically where we were last weekend -- her blood pressure is low. The medicine for that causes her heart rate to race. Pretty much the same scene -- we just now have the blood loss added to the mix.

We really want to thank all of you for your comments and emails. We don't always have time to respond -- more often than not, we don't have that time at all. But we read every one. We appreciate those of you who show us that we will get through this -- the ones of you who have been where we are, made it through, and are able to minister to us from your experience. It's a club no one wants in.

The visits we have had help, too. True friends who will track you down in a sandwich shop when you aren't in the waiting room. Friends who'll leave you a note at dialysis with the one piece of information you really want to know -- did Mom recognize them and communicate with them. A treasured cousin / big sister who will take you to dinner in a REAL restaurant because you just need to be around "grown ups." Friends who just come to help you break the monotony -- even if it's just sitting with you and watching TV -- just so you don't have to do it alone.

We love you all and all the gifts of time, and love, and prayer that you bring us.

Much love,

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