Saturday, July 14, 2007

Saturday afternoon

Since D'Lyn is with her mom in Lubbock, she has asked me to be her guest "blogger" and post the most recent information about Sue. I am John's mom, Jacquie Biggs, and will attempt to share the ever changing situation of Sue's health.
The doctors still have her on dialysis everyday, but other complications have developed. Sue's heart rate is jumping all over the place (over 200 at one point) while her blood pressure is extrememly low. She is in considerable pain, but they are giving her morphine to keep her as comfortable as possible. Sue is extremely weak -- almost "inert" says D'Lyn.
All of the family is in Lubbock or on the way. John is flying out at 5:00 pm. this afternoon.
Not good news at this point. Please continue to pray for Sue, D'lyn, and all the family. They all love Sue so very much. D'Lyn appreciates your emails and blog comments, so keep those coming.


beki said...

Prayers are being lifted, even now for strength for all
david, beki Mark Denison

Anonymous said...

Love, hugs, prayers for all of you

Freida Henderson

P J said...

Our best to you all in your time of loss. We are still praying for you. We love you.

Pat, Sam, and Kate