Thursday, July 5, 2007

Quick Note:

They didn't start radiation today, but they did make some kind of a mask for Mom at the radiation center. They'll start the treatments next week?

She's still incredibly weak, but they've taken her off the liquid diet and are giving her "real food" again.

Please know that as we're praying for Mom and Milton, we're including so many of you in our prayers as well -- Uncle Truitt who recently had another stroke and Uncle Jimmy whose cancer has returned. Prayers for M'Lys to find a job teaching in Midland or Odessa. Prayers for our precious friend Lynn Jones to recover from surgery and pneaumonia. For safety for Gary Lloyd and Jordan Boyd, our cousins in Iraq. Prayers for Mimi's back to heal quickly. And lots of prayers that our house in McKinney will sell soon! Miss Martin, we're going to add your health to our list!

On top of all those prayer requests, we have so many prayers of thanks -- for the family and friends that have been Jesus with "skin on" to us the last two weeks. We love all of you!

- The Biggs Bunch

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sue Milton & Girls and other family, I just wanted you to know that you are in our prayers. All of you are very special to me, and my heart and love go out to each one of you.
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Love Edwin