Friday, July 13, 2007

Please pray for us.

Mom is in the emergency room. Her kidneys have shut down, and they're asking M'Lys and Milton about a ventilator. The girls and I are headed home.

Please pray for all of us.
- d.


Kate said...

I am sending you and your mom and family all good vibes, thoughts and support from West Texas (my Mom), Washington state (Samantha) and Austin (me).


TexPatriate said...

Definitely on the good thoughts list here in Gig Harbor, D'Lyn.

Your mom is first, but your entire family is on it.

Sam (Porter) Giffords

Anonymous said...

I love your mom so. Sue and Milton are at the top of my prayer list, as well as you and your sisters and all the kids and grandkids.


Johnny Stansell said...

I love your Mom, always have. When your Mom was just a little girl she was so kind to me, a little boy, and she always was. I wished so many times that I was older!!! After all these years I still love your Mom so much, always have.

Johnny Stansell