Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mom's Gone

This morning while I typed my blog update, Mom slipped away. She was in dialysis -- she had to have it, but hadn't been able to tolerate it very well. Her blood pressure dropped and they lost her.

Biggs is on his way in. Tobi is taking M'Lys back to Midland to get what she needs and then on to Snyder. A'Lise is flying in, and I'll get her at the airport at about 4:00.

Yes, we're incredibly sad. But our Mom fought so bravely for so very long. Now that she's in Heaven, helping God run the show, we know she's not hurting any more. That was the hardest part -- seeing her hurt. So now there's no more of that.

Thanks for all your prayers.

Love you,


beki said...

We wil CONYINUE to lift all of yu up in prayers.She is a special lady and I can't imagine seeing Milton w/ her.
We send our love, tears and prayers for all your family. Please receive them in love. My husband saw Milton and Tobi today as I was in hospital with kidney stones. Our love to all of you. Pleae tell Milton that Beki sends a big bear hug just for him.
David, Beki and Mark Deniosn

dian pate said...

Milton----Gene anad I have you in our hearts and prayers
You were so good to Sue and she to you
Girls ---your were so sweet to your Mom and she loved each one of you --her babies were her love
please know that you all are on our prayers and hearts
please let us know if we can so anything for you and your families
Gene and Dian Pate

Kate said...

D'Lyn - My heart hearts so much for you. I let my sister and my Mom know and my mom said she would notify people at Gail Baptist tomorrow. I will always remember your mom as so sweet and so fun - someone who just took me in like another daughter. Big hugs to you and also to M'Lys and A'Lise from my sister and mom as well.


Anonymous said...

Mlys and family. We were sad to hear about the death of your mom. She must have been a special lady. You can tell by how much you all loved her. There is a scripture verse that says, "To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord". I know without a doubt she has a new body and is no longer hurting. Remember our separation from our love ones is only for a short time. We love you and pray that God's grace will abound more than ever.
Gwen R.

Anonymous said...

My sympathies to your family. Sue was a very special person and I know you will miss her terribly.
Janet Spence and family

Anonymous said...

Hey I sent you an email. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh my friend I am sorry! I can't imagine your hurt- I love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

For your mom, I'm glad the pain is gone and she's in Heaven. Max's sermon this morning is going to be about coming face to face with Jesus -- I think it will be great. For you and your family, I'm so sad. I know you'll continue to honor your mom by being the wonderful mom and wife that you are.

Love you,
Nancy Pulling

Anonymous said...

I've misplaced your new address, D'Lyn. Would you post it, or if someone else has it, please post it.


TexPatriate said...


Kate let me know about your mom while Robert and I were in Canada and please know that your family will continue to be in our prayers because we know how tough this is. I am thankful that your mom is out of pain, but I know that you and your sisters will continue to need support and shoulders.

You got it. Let me know whatever we can do and it will be done.

Sam (Porter) Giffords

David & Donna said...

We followed your updates D'Lyn, with interest...they made it easy for us to understand your concerns - we included them in our prayers, particularly the move, and more recently your mom's situation....we were fond of your mom - we remember her most as noisy & super fun at our huge family reunions. We will miss her.

D n D Hudnall,
Frankiln (Nashville), TN

Janelle Odom said...

I am traveling today to Kansas City for business, but I will try to call you later in the day. I wish I could be there to hug you, sister. Know that my heart and my prayers are with you right now.


Anonymous said...


We are so sad to hear about your Mom. Our hearts are breaking right with yours. We send all our love and support in this terribly difficult time.

Danielle and Randy DeCarlo

betsy said...

Though I live far away and had not seen your mother in years, she was one of my favorite aunts.

I am so sorry that she has left us but she is in a far better place now and free from the fetters of this life. I have no doubt that she is watching over all her family and will continue to do so until you are all reunited in Christ's presence.

May the Lord heal your aching heart and comfort you in your sorrow.

Betsy Knutson