Tuesday, July 3, 2007

It wasn't me, it was the mower!

The great news is that the lawn mower is broken -- something about the drive mechanism and the wheels? This gives me great hope -- that this week when I mow it will be easier. I'll let you know....

I just talked to Mom. They had a really rough night last night. Lots of nausea. Lots of discomfort. She's probably headed to an emergency room this morning -- and is trying to decide between Snyder and Lubbock. I voted for Lubbock. She's scared. Please remember that as you pray today. Yesterday she did get some medicine for the thrush that has been a problem the last few days. So hopefully that will help on some level.

One of the difficult parts to me has been watching how much this has messed with Mom's joy of food. In the Herring / Lloyd / Jones bunch, eating is an Olympic sport, and Mom has always been on TEAM Fluvanna. Over the last couple of years, trying to hang onto her kidney function has really messed with what she can and can't eat. But now, with the glucose factor we have another issue. And the medications, thrush, etc. make it so that food doesn't even taste good to her. It's just been hard to watch.

Thanks for all the prayers you're continuing to send on her behalf. We are all humbled by kindnesses, the prayers, all of it. You are amazing.

I'm off to paint the guest room. It's going to be "garden green" -- if all goes well!
- d.

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Sam said...


Is there any way to see if your mom can get a type of steroid that will not increase the glucose level ? I know that sounds like a no-brainer, but. . . I'm famous for that. =P

The only reason I ask is because we recently had a cat on steroids (Prednizone) and they said that they had to compound it with a sugar syrup because the Pred was so bitter. *shrug* Dunno, but might be worth a look.

You are all on the "good thoughts" list.

Sam (Porter) Giffords