Thursday, July 19, 2007

Grand Entry

I'm sitting here in Mom's kitchen -- the house is so empty and quiet. Daisy was sitting right by the front door when I drove up. On her chair -- just waiting for Mom & Milton to come home.

I stopped by to grab a couple of things on the way to Nelva's -- and use Mom's computer. I've gotten to be the master of bumming internet access wherever and whenever I can find it.

No real update on Mom. They're still trying to find out where she's losing all that blood. They had to give her two units last night. They're trying to wean her off the prednisone, so they can put her on the original steroids that they were using for her tumor. She's so sleepy. Sondra and Angela (used to be Evans) both came by today and she just really wouldn't acknowledge us. Milton has better luck getting her to open her eyes. He and Charlie Boaz got her to wake up a bit earlier today.

She still isn't able to tolerate an entire round of dialysis -- they had to take her off early again today because her blood pressure dropped too low. Her kidneys do seem to have a bit of function left -- so the infamous Dr. Rose is only ordering dialysis every other day.

They're trying hard to get her out of ICU. There are so many germs in there. All these random people come in bringing bajillions of germs with them -- then the nurses move around in that stew all day, spreading it around. They're afraid that if she's there much longer she'll get an even bigger infection that she can't fight.

I'm not sure what's next -- the charge nurse at nights has pretty much taken over Mom. She's awesome -- and really watches out for her. She said we needed to be thinking about where to go next -- whether it's around the clock care at home or going to long-term acute care.


Last night, Carla and I went to dinner, and brought dinner back for Milton. Then when he left, I got ready to settle in. Well, the waiting room just got busier and busier. At 10:00, people were showing up in their pajamas and brewing pots of coffee. Lisa, the charge nurse we think so much of, sent me back to the hotel, promising she'd call if ANYTHING happened. Milton came and got me, and I got a good night's sleep. It helped.

Nelva got the girls yesterday afternoon -- they were thrilled to be going to the "other Granny's" house. The rodeo starts tonight, and Abbie, Uncle Max and Simon are going to ride in the Grand Entry. Yes, Nelva knows how to get me out of Lubbock -- she's smart. How could I miss seeing Abs ride in her first Grand Entry??? I have always loved the Grand Entry -- every time I hear that music it brings back memories of the parade and then picnics in the park with all the Herrings, Joneses, Beavers, Belews.... anyone we could fit in. Grandad picking up fried chicken on the way. Someone always brought watermelon. And Aunt Opal's fried pies..... Mmmmmmm.......

I'd better get headed that way.

Thanks for all your prayers!

We love you!
- d.


Anonymous said...

We're still praying for all of you.
Thanks for taking the time to keep a huge number of people updated through this blog.

Oh, by the way, this is from D'Ann

Anonymous said...

Milton, D'Lyn, M'Lys and A'lyse,
THANK YOU for keeping this blog posted so that many of us can keep up with Sue and the family. Our hearts go out to each of you during this difficult time! We are crying with and for you! I completely agree with the cousins who quoted the verse from Psalms! We serve a mighty God and even though we don't why we walk thru certain valleys, we do know who walks with us.
I hope you got my message that I left on Tuesday when I stopped in to see Sue. She was in dialysis and I did not get to see any family. It did help my heart to see her and talk to her.
Hold tightly to the hand of God.
Barbara Eicke