Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Back in the Hospital Again....

Update: Mom is back in the hospital -- this time at Covenant. Things improved once she got into their ER, but they're going to keep her overnight just for grins. Nelva said their ER doc was good -- and trying to sort out all Mom's hospital-hopping. Hopefully while she's there they can get some progress made on setting her up for radiation as well.

She's still not feeling great -- she was better for awhile this afternoon but is back to feeling yucky again. They're going to check and see if she has pancreatitis (on top of everything else.) She had that a couple of years ago and was SO sick.

As always, I'll keep ya'll posted!

The guest room is all painted. Apparently when I ordered "Garden Green" the guy at Home Depot thought I said, "Fluvanna Cafe Green." It's pretty green. But I think it'll look good once it dries!

I had a lot of time to think and pray while I was painting today. I was thinking about all that rain we had last year at Addison fireworks. And we're sure going to miss the Plano 4th of July Parade crew tomorrow. Ya'll take care of our tree for us!

Love you all!

- d.

2006 4th of July Parade:

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