Thursday, June 21, 2007


Hello All,
If you receive this more than once, I apologize. I’ve got a couple of different email lists and had planned to merge them sometime this summer when I got a free minute – so much for that idea. I also apologize if this email comes to you in some funky format. I’m having issues with Outlook and need to get Biggs to take a look at it.

But I firmly believe in the “shotgun” approach to prayer – I’ve seen prayers answered in my own life and the lives of others – and I believe the more people that pray, the better. So getting this email out is more important than getting the format fixed – right??
The news we’ve received so far has not been good. The tumor is larger than they first thought – rather than 2 cm, it’s more like 2 cm x 7 cm. At this point, they’re fairly certain it’s malignant, and they’re doing a biopsy later this week to determine whether it’s “new” cancer or if it’s metastasized from her breast cancer. CANCER SUCKS. They did a bone scan earlier today, but the results aren’t back yet. At this point, it’s inoperable because it’s right at the base of the skull where everything kind of comes together and then goes back out into the rest of her body. There is some discussion about being able to shrink it then operate, but no one knows much of anything on that front as of yet. So we’re kind of treading water.

The girls and I are probably going to go out on Monday, prepared to stay awhile. Mom wanted us to wait to come out when she could enjoy spending time with the girls – and since they aren’t going to be able to operate on this, we’ll wait.

I really want to thank all of you for your emails, thoughts, prayers, e-hugs, etc. I’ll try to get around to responding individually soon, but I just couldn’t seem to get it together today. So I tackled the kitchen and made significant progress on that front. I think I only have about six boxes left in there.

I don’t even know what to ask you to pray for – just keep praying, please. Just knowing she has a whole prayer warrior team out there has helped Mom. Her attitude is really good at this point, considering what she’s up against.

Love ya’ll,

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