Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tuesday Update

Howdy from Houston!

Just an update to let ya'll know where things stand right now. I apologize for not filling you in for a couple of days!

Let's see.... I've been bragging about mom and her "good attitude" all along, but unfortunately that came to a screeching halt Saturday night. The steroids they're giving her to control swelling around the tumor are working -- her balance and swallowing are much better. But unfortunately they have driven her glucose levels out the roof. Saturday night they got as high as 494, and it was amazing what it did to her personality. Wow. But luckily by Sunday evening it was all under control and my sweet Mama was back.

She really has tried to keep a positive attitude, but there are times when it's just too much for her.

The highlight of the weekend was a Sunday morning call from our cousin Gary in Iraq. He was calling on a satellite phone, and wanted to check on Mom. That was HUGE for her -- and it meant so much. It was so good for us to hear his voice and hear that he's okay. We're all so proud of him and so thankful for what he's doing over there!

Back to mom.... They ran a ton of tests yesterday and are going to run more today at some point. As of right now, they have identified the tumor on her skull, as well as two spots on her pancreas and one on a kidney.

I'm sorry I don't really have more to tell you, but we really are treading water around here. I can tell you that some of the complications from her kidneys are causing her a lot of discomfort. Would you please pray specifically for that to be resolved?

She is receiving your emails and loves getting them.
The site is set up at:

It's (First name) Billie Sue (Last Name) Stephens, Birthdate March 2, 1946 (I think the rest of the info isn't necessarily required for her.)

I think A'Lise is going back to Dallas on Wednesday, and M'Lys may be coming down this weekend. It's kind of a juggling act around here, but we're managing.

Thanks for all the prayers!

Love ya'll,

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