Thursday, June 28, 2007

Special Message for West Texas Friends & Family

Hello all of you from Fluvanna, Snyder, Post, Dermott, Gail, Lubbock, Hermleigh, etc.:

I'd better not hear of ONE, SINGLE Chocolate Chip Cookie, Brownie, Batch of Carol Lewis' Chocolate Ice Cream, June Holcomb's Pound Cake (yes, June, I read the email), Nelva's Cinnamon Rolls, Carla's Vinegar Cobbler, Donelle's Red Velvet Cake, Jane's Pies, Lou's Chocolate Pie, etc....

... crossing the threshold at Mom's house. Her glucose is still spiking because of the steroids, and they're having to send her home tomorrow with insulin and all that goes with it. You know Mom and how she'll have "just a bite," then "just another bite," etc. If you haven't seen the Extend-a-Fork that she whips out at family gatherings, you've missed it. But trust me... she doesn't have any more willpower than I do!

So please, just until we get the glucose thing leveled out.... then ya'll can pour it on.

Of course, if you've absolutely, positively got to bake, you can send it my way!

Love ya'll!
- d.

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