Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Okay. Here's the latest. Milton and A'Lise stormed the nurse's station a minute ago, and demanded a patient advocate. Everything came to a head this morning when the nephrology dept. said they wouldn't do a biopsy until the brain people did one. I'm not sure if we're in the middle of a power struggle, or if it's a situation where no one really wants to take responsibility.

Yesterday the neurosugeon said he was amazed that that tumor wasn't really affecting Mom. But today, it's affecting her swallowing and vision. Please keep praying.


jbiggs said...

We are with you. Jacquie and Pete

Anonymous said...

Aunt Sue,

We sure hope you'll find some rest soon and that those nurses would not bother you for no reason.

We've spent the day treading water around here...there's been so much rain in the metroplex. We've got a huge puddle in the middle of our driveway. Karys, our 2 year old, loves to jump in the rain puddles. And I say, "Let her jump! You're only a kid for a short time." And then I decide, why don't I just jump in the puddles with her. We're making precious memories each day and taking advantage of all that the Lord has blessed us with...even if it is a flooded driveway!

We pray that your team of dr.'s would all get together and that you'll be able to soon to get a game plan. Keep those spirits up.

Roger, Amanda, Karys and Hannah (Walls) - I'm Mandie - Jimmie and Pat Cornett's granddaughter - just in case you didn't remember. : ) said...

You and your family have a lot on your shoulders right now and our Lord knows all about it and He will take care of each of you. Sue has always been special to me, and I am so sorry that she is having a hard time right now.
I just talked to Mother (Aunt Ivy) a few minutes ago and she sends her love and know that she will be talking to God asking for healing every day. She is such a prayer warrior--I appreciate her so very much.
Please know that Homer & I care and will be keeping Sue and all your families in our daily prayers.

Our love to you,
Earlene Hutto (George & Ivy Lloyd's daughter.