Friday, June 29, 2007

Friday Update

Hello All!

I know what you've read here has seemed kind of confusing at times. They're starting radiation. No, they're waiting to do radiation in Lubbock. They're doing MRIs. No, they're not doing them.

Imagine how we feel!

Mother's stay in Houston has been one contradiction after another. A doctor would tell us one thing, and in five minutes there was a different report. When we first got there, they said Abbie & Kait couldn't visit her in her room, but by last night they could -- so we went!

Mom had more energy than I'd seen her with, and she said her vision was better. That was a good thing because the girls about loved her to death! Lots of hugs and kissies -- way better than any prescription the doctor could order!

They are headed home sometime today -- hopefully. Mom has to learn to give herself an insulin shot, and they've got to stock up on prescriptions before they can leave. She'll do radiation five days a week in Lubbock and will come back here in two weeks. At that point, she'll see her breast cancer doctor again, and possibly have the pancreas biopsied.

None of this protocol is really a solid "answer." They're all flying on blind faith, so to speak -- since they can't really do the tests they need to do at this point.

Please continue to pray for both Mom & Milton. For safety as they make this trip home. For wisdom and discernment as they manage her medical needs once they get there. Milton is her "rock" and does such an awesome job of handling all this -- please pray for continued health and a renewed energy for him. This trip hasn't been easy on either of them.

Thanks for all your prayers!
- d.

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