Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Update

The power of prayer and our Almighty God is Awesome! No, my mom hasn't been miraculously healed, but her attitude is great and she's feeling the strength of all that prayer. And she's looking at all the options she has right now. So she's coming to Houston -- we aren't sure when. But she'll be on a plane down here the minute she has an appt. with the skull tumor department. It could be today or as late as Monday or Tuesday. Please pray the appt. is immediate.

This is a really good thing. While the first couple of days she was in the hospital in Lubbock were a blur of tests, yesterday wasn't. They did look at her pancreas because they may have spotted something there, but that was it. The results of that and the other tests still aren't in.

From our previous experience at MD Anderson, things will be a lot different once we get her down here.

We've always joked about the mother-daughter matching clothes thing. Yesterday I ordered us matching t-shirts that say, "CANCER SUCKS." If you know my mom, you know it'll be quite a stretch getting her to wear that. But it'll make her smile. (And, no, there weren't any with white eyelet on them!)

So thank you for your prayers -- they're working! Please keep them coming! Thank you for the emails -- I'm printing them out and will hand them over the minute I see her. Thank you for the offers of help! If I knew how to tell you to help, I would.... But we're just in a holding pattern right now.

Finally, I know many of you have been looking for contact info. Here's what I've got....We appreciate your encouragement!

Sue & Milton Stephens
Currently at University Medical Center in Lubbock
Home Address: 8718 CR 2136, Snyder, TX 79549
Phone: 325-573-4420

A Quick Commercial Break: If you want to make a donation to the Breast Cancer 3-Day in support of my mom, you can access our team's website at Mom loves it that we're doing the 3-Day and would probably be right there with us walking the 60 miles if she could. Anything to beat cancer! You can click on any team member's name to donate -- please try to choose a team member other than myself. Some of our team members are a long way from raising the required $2200. Thanks!!!

Keep the prayers coming, please -- particularly that she will be able to get in at MD Anderson ASAP!!!!

Many Blessings,

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